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Looking for a faster, easier way to monitor Covid-19 entry screenings and maintain safety compliance at your facility?

The Internet of People

Despite today’s impressive advances in instrumentation and automation, there still is no substitute for regular human observation and hands-on corrective action. Workforces have shrunk as automation has been introduced, so arming your smaller Operator workforce with the right tools can amplify their effectiveness. GoPlant takes the critical human element of Plant operations to the next level by arming Operators with a tireless productivity-boosting tool that makes their work more efficient, timely, and effective.

Improve Asset Reliability

That stack of round sheets your Plant operators use are there for a reason. These checks have been instituted to ensure the Plant does not have unscheduled downtime, suffer safety incidents, or fall out of regulatory compliance. GoPlant takes these processes to the next level by providing more data collection capabilities and consistent corrective action instruction in real time. When further effort is required than can be performed then and there, GoPlant issues escalation alerts to the proper teams to get the job done.

Timely and Thorough Work

GoPlant keeps up-to-date Plant Rounds and checklists organized and available at the Operator’s fingertips. If a change is made to the elements of a Round, the Operator will get the latest version on their next login. GoPlant also manages the schedule for data collection and observational tasks, reminding the Operator as work becomes due. Task compliance reports are automatically generated to ensure accountability.

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Operators Managers IT

Effective Operator Action

When unusual conditions are encountered in the field, GoPlant provides consistent Operator instruction to assist in troubleshooting the problem and lead the Operator through corrective action, when possible. Alerts are sent up the chain of command to make sure issues don’t fall between the cracks and result in expensive downtime and repairs due to inaction. Now your greenest Operators can become as effective as your most seasoned.

Actionable Data

GoPlant stores collected observations and readings into a state-of-the-art database. Once there, a variety of meaningful reports are automatically generated. Round Summary, Round Detail, and Exception reports are automatically compiled by the GoPlant system, or you can create your own custom reports. Data can even be exported to your existing SCADA/DCS so that manually collected data can be seen side-by-side with instrumented data.

Improved Consistency

Out-of-date Round sheets forms, differences in how Operators record observations, and skipped observations can result in missed opportunities to uncover issues in the plant. GoPlant can ensure that data is collected the same way every time, and provide the Operator with a consistent workflow to address issues they uncover.
GoPlant works on most mobile platforms

Enhance your operator rounds with GoPlant, a productivity-boosting mobile solution for task management, data collection and decision support.