GoPlant Benefits for IT

SAAS and On-Premise Options

More and more customers opt to use GoPlant as a secure subscription service provided over the Internet. We host the database, perform the backups, system updates and other housekeeping chores for you. All you have to do is have an Internet connection, desktop web browser and mobile devices. Some organizations, however, prefer to have their systems hosted at their own facilities or data centers. For those folks, GoPlant can be purchased as an on-premise installation, so you can maintain complete control over the entire environment.

Enterprise-Friendly Architecture

In multi-plant organizations, the last thing you want is islands of data residing at each facility. Not only does this create far more work to maintain, it also introduces needless hassle to compile data for enterprise-wide reporting. GoPlant is has a scalable centralized database structure.  Whether we host the system or you do, a single GoPlant server can serve an entire enterprise. Plants and Users are organized in a hierarchical group structure ensuring that users in different plants, departments or facilities have access to the Rounds, Assets and Reports relevant to them, but also allowing regional or corporate users visibility throughout the organization.

Historians and BI interfaces

You can share GoPlant collected data with your Plant Historian or back office reporting tools. GoPlant Historian Export enables manually collected data to be viewed side-by-side with control system data using your Historian reporting tools. For other back office systems, we can enable either the pushing of XML or CSV formats or the “pulling” of data via web services.

Use GoPlant Anywhere

Don’t have WIFI coverage throughout your facilities? Don’t sweat it, most plants don’t. The good news is that a persistent network connection is not needed to use GoPlant. The GoPlant mobile app is self-sufficient and can synchronize with the database whenever a network becomes available. An operator can easily work for minutes, hours or even days without network connectivity! You can even sync using a cellular connection on the phone or tablet if you are SaaS customer.

Multi-Platform Support

GoPlant is designed to fit into your computing standards, not ours. To do this, FAS has designed the user-facing components of the application to work on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices. Supported Mobile platforms include: Apple IOS, Android, and Windows. Supported browsers for reporting and system administration include: Windows Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Enterprise Computing Friendly

GoPlant is licensed with a straightforward concurrent user model, so you can install the app on as many mobile devices you need. GoPlant also includes support for: Active Directory Integration, Virtualization, Database accessibility for integration with external reporting tools, Historians, and CMMS systems, and Mobile Device Management deployment-ready.