GoPlant Benefits for Managers



What’s the status of Plant equipment? Are Rounds being completed on time? Are they complete? Does an asset need repair or attention? GoPlant provides a range of actionable report outputs to provide these answers. Standard reports include: Round Summary and Detail reports, Exception Reports, Trend charts to view historical asset readings and PDF report generation. Conditional formatting in reports allows non-conformances to “pop” off the page with user selectable color coding.

Already have an Enterprise Reporting or Business Intelligence platform?  Great.  GoPlant provides database connectivity to your collected data allowing you to leverage your existing reporting or BI platform to create custom reports to view data the way you are most comfortable.


Easy Configuration

You, not a programmer, use GoPlant’s intuitive management tools to create and maintain your GoPlant Rounds and checklists. Utilizing GoPlant’s powerful and easy-to-use Round creation and administration tools you can create, assign, monitor and report on plant processes easily – and all without any programming. An average user can expect to access their dedicated GoPlant website, create and publish their first Rounds, assign Tasks and view actionable reports to analyze their captured data, all within one day.


Reviewing traditional paper-based Round sheets gives you little idea of when, where and by who work was done. GoPlant solves that problem. Work within GoPlant can be self-directed by Operators, or you can assign individuals or teams one-time or recurring tasks. Task assignees are notified when tasks become active, and reminders are sent to field users automatically, taking the hassle out of riding herd. All data entry is date and time stamped, and location verification via barcode or NFC tag reading is also included. Comprehensive task compliance reporting allows task administrators to ensure work is being completed in a timely manner.

Expert Training & Rollout System

GoPlant can take you to the next level of plant reliability, but to realize that result the people who use the system must know how to use the system to reach those goals. Web-based and onsite commissioning and training assistance by our experienced support team can get you and your team ready to take your plant to the next level.

“…Smart technology alone cannot ensure success without proper operating procedures and trained, motivated personnel.”

Joseph P. Shunta
Achieving World Class Manufacturing Through Process Control