GoPlant Benefits for Operators


Make Better Use of your Time

Moving away from paper based Rounds and checklists is a hard sell if it adds more time to Operator’s already busy schedules. GoPlant not only improves the effectiveness of in-plant procedures, it also does so while reducing the time it takes to do the job. When changes are made to Round sheets and checklists, or a new Round or checklist  is created, GoPlant mobile clients will be up-to-date whenever the Operator logs in. Upon completion of a Round, data is synched to the GoPlant master database, which automatically compiles Round reports . GoPlant can even export data to connected Plant Historians, and Maintenance systems. Say goodbye to transcription and manual report creation busy work.


Stay organized & improve effectiveness

No more clipboards and binders, and overstuffed filing cabinets. All your round sheets, checklists and Asset details are at your finger tips. When performing a Round or viewing an Asset in GoPlant, you will have answer History and process variable trends displayed, providing context to observed conditions, and assisting in taking proper corrective action.



Rounds work may be shared among a team of Operators, or may span multiple shifts. GoPlant allows multiple Operators to contribute to work, and allows incomplete work to be saved and picked up by others to be completed.

Every Operator is the Best Operator

Seasoned Operators often have a wealth of knowledge about how to deal with out-of-the ordinary conditions. GoPlant enables these experts’ best practices to be captured and embedded in the GoPlant application. GoPlant then provides even the newest operators with consistent decision support logic that can lead them through corrective action or escalation procedures when they encounter out-of-the-ordinary conditions. Embed reference documents, photos and images to provide context and assistance, and provide your Operator with previous answer history and trend charts to provide historical context to what they are observing.

Safety Improvements

Operators already carry a lot of gear when they are out in the Plant. Adding Clipboards, cameras and other tools needed for traditional Rounds activity to their load can make climbing ladders and walking the Plant a difficult affair. GoPlant can run on a phone which you can keep in your pocket, or if you choose to use a tablet, we can provide ergonomically designed tethering options to keep your hands free while you traverse the Plant.

Have areas of your Plant that require hazardous area rated equipment only? Got you you covered there as well. Choose from a range of phones and tablets that are rated up to Class1, Div1. safe.