FAS Launches New Website

July 20, 2017

Form Automation Solutions (FAS) launched a new marketing website today as the ten-year-old, Texas-based company positions itself as the go-to solution for improving plant asset reliability, by utilizing mobile computing technology to modernize Operator Rounds activities in industrial facilities. FAS’s flagship product, GoPlant, is used to enable operator-driven reliability processes in Power, Pulp&Paper, Oil & Gas, and other asset-centric industries.

“The latest release of GoPlant is the culmination of over ten years of mobile computing innovation at FAS, and includes features and capabilities that we have developed in response to market needs.” says Todd Stout, CTO at FAS. “We work every day to leverage the latest technology, ensuring that our team and technology drive new efficiencies for our clients.” Stout continued.

“FAS is excited to remain a catalyst in the much-needed evolution of the asset reliability market. Our new marketing website, www.goplant.skf.com, helps prospective customers gain insight into the benefits of the innovative GoPlant technology, as experienced by Operators, Managers and IT Departments.” said FAS President Ron Posey.