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SKF ® acquires FAS GoPlant ®

Form Automation Solutions, Inc. was founded way back in 2003. In those early days of mobile computing, the iPhone was four years away from being released, and the iPAD seven…

In 2004, FAS created AuditMatic®, one of the first mobile data collection and reporting (DCR) solutions. AuditMatic was adopted by a wide variety of corporate and municipal organizations to improve their plant floor data collection methods, and is still in use today.

A couple years back, though, it became obvious to us that to stay relevant and make the next-generation DCR, we had to retool our application to take advantage of modern iOS, Android and other mobile computing platforms. We decided to take the best of our ten years of experience with AuditMatic, plus all the features we and our customers had wanted for years, and plow them all into a new mobile data collection and reporting platform. The result of that effort, GoPlant®, was released in Spring 2015.